Independent, free & fulfilled living with autism

Exceptional homes for ASD built offsite and on-demand

A paradigm shift for individuals, families, care organisations and policy makers

Enquire, connect, learn & invest

Freedom, fulfilment and your own front door

Enjoy peace, function and style in a welcoming home designed especially for you
Real solutions for authorities and care organisations
Save money, protect resources and improve autism care
Fast, offsite-built and scalable
Certified before they leave the factory and installed in days
Designed for all behaviours
Homes across the spectrum designed & tested by people with direct experience
Ethical and sustainable investments
Lean manufacturing, green materials, swift installs and lasting change

Pax Home

A vision for independent living and rich community

Improving lives and solving the expense and shortage of supported living. Specially designed modular homes and communities, closer to city centres with access to health, shops, education and jobs. Pax Homes unite individuals, families and organisations so autistic individuals can live independent, free and fulfilled lives.

The Pax Home

High spec and flexible for all behaviours

We asked what people with autism want and then created a design for function and practicality across all behaviours. From wellbeing and independence to textures, noise, lighting and balance. Optimal layouts, safety features, climate control, durability, accessibility and stunning finishes that prioritise a best possible life with autism.

The Pax Home


Homes not houses

Forget clinical, cheap and institutional approaches to design, we make exceptional homes that push the envelope.

A best possible life with autism

Groundbreaking design, specialist architecture and innovative tech that’s tried and tested.

Innovation that creates value

We consolidate, cut out middlemen, source clever and reinvest to build better. Amazing homes and great investments with a huge social impact.

Parliament calls for a new housing approach to autism

Read the HOC report that highlights the drastic need for specialist housing and care accommodation for people with ASD.

The treatment of autistic people and people with learning difficulties.

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Pax Home

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